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Whatsapp Web – How To Use Whatsapp In Web Browser

Whatsapp Web – How To Use Whatsapp In Web Browser

Today We Are Sharing An Another Trick Of Whatsapp, By Which – “One Can Use Whatsapp In Their Pc Browser”.Now, There Is A Trick To Use Whatsapp In Any Computer Browser Such As Firefox, Chrome, etc., Whatsapp Has A Feature Called Whatsapp Web, Which Is Very Useful To Use Whatsapp In Web Browser.So, Just Follow These Simple Steps To Know About This Trick.


1) First, You Should Have To Open – In Your Pc Browser

2) At Their, You Will See A QR Code

3) Now, Open Your Whatsapp

4) Go To Options, And Then Click On ‘Whatsapp Web

5) Now, Just Scan That QR Code From Your Whatsapp

6) That’s It, Now You Can Easily Use Your Whatsapp In Your Web Browser

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