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Top 10 Foods Low in Sugar

Top 10 Foods Low in Sugar

consuming too much added sugar can cause long term damage to our body. excessive sugar consumes can result in obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, and coronary heart disease.

green veggie

green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, Kale collard greens and cabbage etc are low in suger and carbohydrate. green vegetables are high in fibre and preventing your body from raising sugar levels.


egg are the healthiest and most nutritious food on planet. a boiled eggs contain around 0.5 gram of sugar and 6 gram of protein.


100 grams of nuts contains around 4.2 grams of healthy and natural sugar which is a very low amount.


lemon are a good source of vitamin c. 100 grams of lemon contain only 2.5 grams of sugar.

Lean meat and fish

when it comes to no sugar food then lean meat and fish is the best choice. Take red meat for example: Beef contains both proteins and fats but no sugar.

Whole grain bread

whole grain bread contains around 6 gram of sugar per 100 gram. whole grain bread is full of fibre which helps in reducing blood cholesterol level and lower the risk of heart disease.

Brown Rice

100 grams of brown rice contain 0.4 grams of sugar. brown rice is a low glycemic index food. brown rice health benefits includes control diabetes help in preventing obesity, Boost heart health and improve digestive health.


100 grams of oats contain 2 grams of sugar. due to its low glycemic index it can help maintain glucose levels.


milk contains naturally occurring sugar called lactose. milk contain 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.


yoghurt is best for digestion and 100 grams of yoghurt contain around 3.2 grams of sugar.

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