Tips To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Tips To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life
Tips To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Tips To Increase Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Today I am going to give you some tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life. You have noticed that when you purchase a new phone its battery backup is good but after some years battery becoming worst and worst and a point come when your battery can’t give sufficient backup that full fill your needs. Then you go to buy a new battery or new smartphone, read this article it will help you to get the most life from your battery.So, following are the tips to increase your battery life.

1. Use the power adapter that came with your device.

Charge your smartphone with the original charger/adapter that came along with your smartphone. Other power adapters and chargers can charge slowly, not at all, or damage your device or battery.

2. Avoid situations where your device can overheat.

Your battery will drain much faster when it’s hot, even if you’re not using it. This kind of drain can damage your battery. Your device warms up when it’s plugged in, so don’t keep it charging more than needed.

3. Charge as much or little as needed.

You don’t need to teach your device how much capacity the battery has by going from full to zero charges, or from zero to full charge. Try to maintain battery level above 30% and if your battery level is at 90% or above then don’t put it again on charging it can reduce battery strength.

4. Let your screen turn off sooner.

Display/screen of the smartphone consumes most of the battery, to reduce battery drain when you’re not using your device’s screen, set a shorter time before your screen turns off. Go to display setting and set the sleep timer to 15 sec or maximum 30 sec. To save battery, lower your screen’s brightness or you can turn on auto brightness that will automatically adjust brightness as per light condition. You can save battery life by turning off live wallpapers.

5. Choose settings that use less battery.

If your device has an LED notification light, you can save battery life by turning off that light. You can save battery life by turning off your device’s keyboard sound and vibration. There is a small motor built into a smartphone to produce vibration and that consumes much power. Keep battery optimization on, to help apps use your device’s battery only when they need to, keep battery optimization on for all apps. Swiping apps closed doesn’t save battery. You don’t need to close apps unless something goes wrong. If something goes wrong with an app, you can “force stop” that app. This completely turns off the app, including any background services that may be using the battery.

6. Delete unused accounts.

Having fewer accounts on a device can save battery. For a device with multiple accounts on it, the device’s owner can delete inactive users. Go to account setting and select remove a user to remove an account.

7. Turn off high-drain features.

You can save battery by turning off tethering and hotspots when you’re not using them. You can change your advanced Wi-Fi settings to let Wi-Fi turn off when your screen is off. If you have weak coverage or don’t need to use your mobile network, switch to Airplane mode. This way, your device won’t use battery trying to stay connected. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can turn on and use Wi-Fi while in Airplane mode. Prefer Wi-Fi over Mobile data because mobile data uses more power than Wi-Fi. Turn off Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot, Mobile data, GPS, Sync (Synchronization) when you do not need them. This way you can save battery.

8. Avoid heavy usage.

Don’t use your phone continuously for a long time, if you stream videos or music continuously for 2 to 3 hours then, in that case, phone get overheat and battery drains dramatically. If you are going somewhere in the car and making a call then it consumes more battery than your position is stable. Because in that case phone continuously scans for network signal if the location changes continuously and causes battery drain very fast.

9. Multitasking is good but do it in a smart way.

When you think you completed your work with an app then clear it immediately from RAM.
Over usage of camera, high graphic games and use of a particular app for a long time can overheat the phone. Alert yourself when you observe that phone is overheated and stop heavy usage. Wait until phones get the normal temperature and try to maintain it normally as long as possible.

10. Disable unnecessary app notifications.

To provide notifications apps need to run on background and it consumes lots of battery. Turn off location services when you do not need them you can also turn off GPS in converse.



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