SEO (Search engine optimization) for wordpress website

SEO (Search engine optimization) for wordpress website
SEO (Search engine optimization) for wordpress website

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a web search engine’s. It help to boost our site in web search engines with simple keywords. web search engine’s only shows whats is best for users and also most visited site by customers. SEO help to make our website alive in web search and also increase the chances of showing your sites in top of the search engines.

There are several ways to setup SEO for your website 

  1. set up WWW version
  2. URL post name
  3. install yoast plugin
  4. configure yoast
  5. setup google search console
  6. sitemap setup
  7. setup google analytics
  8. social share button on each post

set up WWW version

In first, everyone created a WordPress website they must choose there site is WWW version or non WWW version. Each and every one on the internet users uses WWW version so we also use the same version. it is best for seo. If you want to set up your website for WWW version in WordPress you must go to settings – general. you can see several option in that field you can see just chance into now click save for apply changes.

URL post name

URL name is must for increase your site in web search engine. If you want to setup your website post name just go to setting – permanent link. Now you can see several options like plain, day and name, month and name, numeric, post name and custom structure. In that field select post name and click save changes. Everyone in internet search something by topic not by date or numeric so we can set our link by post name.

Install yoast plugin

In WordPress yoast plugin is the best for SEO and also free to use. it also provide some cool features which can increase your site in top of the search result.

step by step procedure to install a word press.

  1. Go to plugin – add new.
  2. In top right corner type yoast in search bar.
  3. Now click install yoast and activate it.

configure yoast

  1. Go to plugins – installed plugins.
  2. Search for yoast you have already installed.
  3. Click on settings in yoast.
  4. Now yoast will show you no problem in SEO.
  5. Click on general.
  6. Now click on configuration wizard.

It will ask your to complete 10 steps to configure your yoast

First step

  • It will ask your name and mail id and click next.

Second step

  • It will asks you to choose your environment.
  • Now select production and click next.

Third step

  • It will ask you to choose your site type.
  • Just choose blog and click next.

Fourth step

  • It will ask you to choose your company or person.
  • Just select person and enter your name and click next.

Fifth step

  • It will ask you to enter your social site links.
  • Enter your social site links and click next.

Sixth step

  • It will ask you to post type visibility.
  • Select post and page visible and media hidden.
  • Click next.

Seventh step

  • It will ask you to select single or multiple author.
  • Choose single and select next.

Eighth step

  • It will ask you to setup search console.
  • Go to google web search and search for google search console.
  • Now click first site.
  • Click on add a property.
  • Now google search console is ask for enter your website.
  • And click add.
  • Now come to yoast configuration page and click get google authentication code.
  • Now signup with your google account.
  • You got some code. copy that code and close that code tab.
  • Enter that code in authenticate code bar.
  • Click authenticate and click next.

Ninth step

  • It will ask you to setup title and bullet.
  • Select your website title and choose any bullet you like.
  • Click next.

Tenth step

  • Now it will show you successfully configure yoast.
  • Now click finish.

Setup google search console

  1. Go to google web search and search for google search console.
  2. Click first site in web search.
  3. Now it will ask you to add a property.
  4. Click and enter your website.
  5. Click add.
  6. Now google search console is ask you to verify that site is your’s.
  7. It will show you so many methods to verify your website.
  8. In that best and easy method is adding meta tags in your site.
  9. Click on HTML tags.
  10. Copy meta tag code and paste it in header section of your site.
  11. Just go to appearance – editor.
  12. Click on page header.
  13. Now paste your code in that field with other meta tags.
  14. click update changes.
  15. Now go to search console and click verify.

sitemap setup

  1. After you successfully setup search console it will ask for submit a sitemap.
  2. Just go to your WordPress dashboard click plugins – add new.
  3. In search bar type google XML sitemap.
  4. Click install and activate it.
  5. Now go settings – XML sitemap.
  6. Click update sitemap.
  7. Now click a link
  8. It will show your sitemap.
  9. Now copy the URL and paste it in google search console sitemap.
  10. And click submit.
  11. Now your sitemap is successfully submitted.
  12. Now go to option called fetch as google.
  13. It will asks you to enter your post URL .
  14. Copy your post URL and paste it in the field.
  15. And click fetch and render.
  16. Now it will show your request is pending.
  17. Click pending and verify your are a human not a robot.
  18. And click crawl this URL.
  19. Click ok.
  20. You have to enter each and every post in your website.

google analytics setup

  1. Just go to google web search.
  2. Type google analytics and enter into official site for google analytics.
  3. Now it will ask you to signup.
  4. After signing up it will ask you to enter your website.
  5. Enter your website or blog click ok.
  6. Now you have to enter your location and website type.
  7. Click submit.
  8. Now go to your WordPress dashboard and click plugin – add new.
  9. Type google analytics in search bar.
  10. Install google analytics and activate it.
  11. Now go to analytics setting.
  12. Now click authenticate with google.
  13. Sign in with your gmail account.
  14. And get a code and copy it.
  15. Paste it in the authentication bar and click authenticate.
  16. Now it show your site and click save changes.

social share button on each post

  1. Just go to WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click plugins – add new.
  3. Just type social share in search bar.
  4. Click install and activate.
  5. Now click setting and choose your share button type.
  6. And also you can choose above or below of each post.
  7. Click save changes.
  8. Now you successfully setup your social share icon on each post of your website.


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