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SEO new updates 2019 – part 2

We saw about SEO new updates 2019 in detail in the previous post, this is a continuation of it. SEO is a vast subject to make a post of it; that’s why we are making a continuation post on the same topic.
We will help you crush your competition and to be at the top of the waves. You need to think about your SEO strategies in advance so that you can have a successful website with good ranking & lots of traffic. Lets dive into the continuation to latest SEO trends of 2019.

6. Smooth user experience

The user experience is an important aspect that many website owners fail to understand. A good user experience can keep a visitor in your website for hours or it can make them leave in mere seconds. People who try to earn from websites must provide visitors a smooth user experience as it can make or break their business.
Many websites have a complicated structure which makes visitors lost while trying to get to a content in the website, this could potentially sink the business. Always make sure it is easy to navigate in your website, everything is simple & understandable, the design is intuitive. The two most important factors to make a note of are a low page load time & making sure there are no technical issues in your website.
The user experience gained from your website will directly affecct your physical or digital business. If you keep the user experience good you website can be the most powerful tool to help boost your business.

7. Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology is very popular in the subject of cryptocurrency. But how does it help SEO?
Blockchain technology has made the transactions inn cryptocurrency very safe and secure. It also has uses in making the web much more safe and secure, this is the reason for its popularity in the recent days.
Webmasters have been looking for ways to integrate blockchain technology into their websites to profit from it.
Link building is an important part of SEO from the very beginning. Work is happening to integrate blockchain technology with SEO to check whether the backlinks are paid or natural. Blockchain will make things very easy for the search engines like google to detect paid links and penalize them.
Blockchain may have the solution to connect advertisers directly to verified potential customers, this clears away the danger of getting bot traffic instead of actual people.
It is still unknown to what level blockchain technology can affect SEO as it is still in experimental stages. We mamy see its result in 2019.

8. Influencer marketing

Whatever might be the case it is always ensuring when someone vouches for a product or something your choose to buy or to experience. In business there are so much competition to deal with and you want people to know that you are giving something valuable to them.
So what does companies do to let people know that they are providing value to their customers?
First of all there are too many ways to do this however one of the most popular one is to use an influencer in your marketing campaign.
An influencer is someone who is popular among certain groups of people who has certain influence over their folllowers.
In order to use an influencer into your marketing campaign you need to find an influencer who is suitable for your business and to get in contact with them. Most of the influencers use social media platforms so it is not hard to find them.
99% of al influencers are on instagram, this is where you can easily find them and get to connect with them. Influencers are a great way to market your business as many influencers has millions of followers who could become potential customers.

9. Long and detailed content

It’s easy to asume that the more time people spend on your website the more better it is for you. You might think that long content is an obvious solution to keep people in your website for longer durations. But size doesn’t matter if the content is not good.
You could give page and pages of worthless content which will still be a waste , but give people valuable content they will be sticked to your website like a moth in a spider’s web.
If you wish to rank your website at the top concentrate more on getting in details and focus more on the quality of the content you provide.
If people understand that they are getting value for the time that they spend on your website; your traffic will rise as well as the average time people spend on your site will increase too.

10. Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is being integrated with every piece of tech used in our day to day life, the potential it has is infinite. Businesses are trying to utilise it in their works as well as google. Google is also implementing ways to use artificiall intelligence, once they figure out how we can pretty much expect a major impact on SEO.
For example with the help of artificial intelligence google could easily separate websites which use illegal SEO hacks & websites which uses SEO in the right way. By separating them the ranking process could be changed completely.
For those who do not let SEO work naturally beware Google will come up with new ways to sniff our all the websites practicing illegal SEO hacks.

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