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SEO new updates 2019 – part 1

SEO new updates 2019 – part 1

Google is always trying to be the best and is investing heavily to do so. As Google updates and changes all year round SEOs are trying to adapt to the changes. That’s how SEO trends are born. Webmasters who want to keep their ranking and traffic are always on the hunt for new techniques and tricks that will topple their competitors & as a result they set new SEO trends.

2018 has come to an end giving way to 2019 with new opportunities and lots and lots of expectations. Let’s look into the latest trends of SEOin 2019.

1. Voice searh SEO

This is no surprise as many would have saw this coming. There has been so much talk going about it for quite some while. Mobile internet is growing in a substantial rate that you can no longer have a blind sight over it.
Moreover the bigger the mobile internet grows the bigger the voice search input increases. There has been a steady decrease in the classic typing input search. This resulted in more works and projects that are concentrated on teaching AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn our speech inputs. This might be what the future is all about.

2. Video Optimization

Other than Voice search SEO Videos are making an uproar on the internet. They are an entertaining and visually enticing source of information that anyone would love to watch and gain knowledge. This is the very reason that they are a very good source of traffic if used properly.
People from all over the globe watch videos in the number one video platform “YouTube”. To rank your video in YouTube you video must be excellent. You need to meet up with the YouTube standards to be able to rank your video to the top. Concentrating on the video is a primary call to action and the importance of Keywords must not be forgotten, they can be a gamechanger.
We can all agree that in the near future most of the internet traffic will be leveraged through videos. So if you want to keep your ranking & to topple your competitors start to think about Video Optimization.

3. Mobile-first indexing

In clear terms, Mobile-first indexing means Google utilizes the mobile version of your website for indexing and ranking. Google started this process since March 2018, you must have been notified about this by Google’s Search Console.
This means to rank your website Google wiil be using your website’s mobile version instead of it’s desktop version. You need to keep in mind with this update you need to focus more on mastering mobile SEO.
With your mobile version being tthe primary for ranking your website you must have a mobile-friendly version of your site in order to keep up with your competition.
If you fail to do this Google will index something that your site will fail to load and a major part of your traffic will leave your website, this is a huge loss if you plan on getting high volume of traffic and to rank your site. Get your site mobile friendlly & SEO ready to keep up with the compettition.

4. Quality Content

In the world of SEO content is everything. A quality content will get you high google ranking which is something everyone knows. You might wonder what is a quality content? The answer is pretty easy if you think about whom we are delivering the content to: site visitors.
When people visit your site they are searching for something that will satisfy them or help them. You need to give the visitors what they want that’s the best content.
A simle way to know what your visitors want is to gather their search terms in your website and use them to make content later. You can rank your website & loose all your competition behind if you get to know what your audience wants and deliver them with quality.

5. User data security

User data collected from websites can be used in many ways without the user’s knowledge. Online security for user data is very mandatory these days. The General Data Protection Regulation has been enacted to give the users more control over their personal information that are used by websites.
Eventhough steps has been taken towards safeguarding user data there are still too many ways exploit user data by dangerous third parties. There are people working around the clock to make sure user data is safe around the globe; to its contrary hackers are working against it all over the world.
It is very clear that in 2019 more measures will be taken to stop the threat of stealing/exploiting user data & to make our whole online experience better in every ways. Do take all the initiatives you can to keep your users data safe, it is a very big deal.

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