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Secret Font – How To Use Secret Font In Whatsapp

Secret Font – How To Use Secret Font In WhatsApp

Now, You Can Use Secret Font In Whatsapp. After The New Update Of Whatsapp, Everyone Can Easily Use This Fonts… We Had Posted This Trick In Order To Aware You From These Secret Fonts In Whatsapp. So, Just Follow The Given Steps To Know About These Fonts


Now Send Bold, Italics or Strikethrough Text in Whatsapp

1) For Sending a Bold Text, Just Add An asterisk (*) Before And After The Text.

For Example     *Hi*

2) For Sending An Italics Text, Just Add An Underscore (_) Before And After The Text.

For example      _Hi_

3) For Sending a Strikethrough Text, Just Add Tilde (~) Before And After The Text.

For Example     ~Hi~

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