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Reduce Video Size Without Reducing Videos Quality

Reduce Video Size Without Reducing Videos Quality

Uncompressed digital video files deliver utmost quality, but usually, have to store an enormous amount of data. While at the moment you may think that your PC or portable gadgets will have enough space, you’ll need to reduce video size when the following circumstances are encountered. A video is too large to upload to YouTube and to be sent via email. And an HD movie occupies almost 70% storage of your smart Phone.

I wanted to upload my video to Facebook. But the file size was too large to upload that finally, I had to cut the video into clips. Some will think it’s a stupid way. But it was the best way to keep the whole video content as well as original video quality at that time. Cause I tried to reduce video size without losing quality or shrink video file size before uploading with some video compression software, but the output quality was utterly poor. These words come from a user’s email.I believe there’re still many people having

I believe there’re still many people having this kind of problems. Similarly, a lot of people are wondering how to minimize the memory/disk space to be taken by adjusting relevant parameters of the original videos when converting a DVD/ video, or just want to send a video via e-mail but fail. We all hope for getting the output video file in the smaller size while not sacrificing quality. Say, we need to reduce video size without losing quality. The following methods could help you.

Reduce video size using handbrake

Handbrake is easy to use software that is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Originally it is designed for ripping DVDs. it is the most popular tool for creating H264 video from any video file or DVD disc. Below you can find a step-by-step guide for using Handbrake to compress your video.

step by step procedure for handbrake

  1. Just download handbrake by click here.
  2. Now open that software.
  3. Select the file that you want to reduce the size.
  4. Now click on video option.
  5. Increase the constant quality to 24.
  6. Now leave everything as it is.
  7. Select a destination folder where you want to produce your video.
  8. Click start encode.
  9. Once it has done your video size will be reduced without reducing the quaity.
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