infolinks – alternate site for adsense

infolinks – alternate site for adsense
infolinks – alternate site for adsense


infolinks is the best alternative for Adsense. There are several ways to make money online but most of the newbies struggling to make money online. Most of the newbies think that Adsense is the only way to make huge money from online, that’s totally wrong. There are so many Adsense alternatives is available in internet. Now I will teach one of the Adsense alternatives. Infolinks is the best for Adsense alternative for make huge money with less visitors. After Google Adsense for making money online infolinks is the second highest paying advertising network for both publisher and advertisers

 Monetize Blog or Website

If you have a blog or website with less traffic then infolink is the best option for making money online. Infolinks pays you both impression and clicks. Nowadays getting approval from Adsense is more difficult than the creating 100 website in one day because Adsense won’t give approval easily until your website is good design without any ads in it.

Approval requirements

  1. A blog or website having at least 25 posts
  2. must have at least 50 page views daily
  3. A blog or website with good design and friendly for visitors
  4. A blog or website without any copyrighted content

Blog or website with above all quality I’m sure you will get approval within 48 hours. don’t apply too soon before your website not ready yet. if you will get approval in infolink don’t worry you can resubmit any time you want. infolink is always ready to check your website anytime.

how much i can earn through infolink

Earning is always depending on your site traffic. If you have a good amount of traffic then you can make decent money. The website with high traffic can make more money than normal sites. In order to make money, you have to bring more traffic to your site. If your website has more than 1000 views then you can make 3$ daily with infolinks which is more money then Adsense.

infolink affiliate program

In many blog or website, owner don’t know about infolink affiliate program, because infolinks not showing any information regarding affiliate program in their affiliate website. If you wish to use affiliate program for infolink then you must have an active publisher account. If you have active publisher account then you can contact infolink via email. And tell them you are interested in the affiliate program to request to join. infolinks will contact you very quickly and send you details of their plan.

List Of Infolink Banners

Intext ads

Intext ads is the ads which will create an automatic link in your post text. If anyone clicks on that link then you got money from it.

Infold ads

Infold ads is the ads which can appear from left or right or bottom like a popup menu. You can control where your ads can appear. If anyone clicks on that banner then you can get a small commission from it.

Intag ads

Intag ads is the ad which can be created in the bottom of each post. this ad can be created with similar to your post If anyone click on that link then you got money.

Inframe ads 

Inframe ads can appear in the left and right side of your post or page. When users enter into your site then they can see two ads suddenly appear in left and right side like banner ads.

Inscreen ads

Inscreen ads can appear when user enter into your site then it will pop up and show ads in the screen. when the user clicks on those ads you got money and also you got money for 1000 impression.

Inarticle ads

In article, ads is a ad which can suddenly show in your articles while users reading.

setup infolink account

  1. Just go to infolinks or click here
  2. Now click on sigh up in the top right corner
  3. Click publisher
  4. Then provide your details and website name
  5. Click submit

Now it takes you to the page where you can download the plugin for WordPress or blog HTML code

For WordPress User

  1. Download that plugin and upload it in WordPress.
  2. Go to the plugin – add new – upload plugin.
  3. Now activate the plugins.

For Blog User

  1. Copy that code and paste it in the theme header section.
  2. Dashboard – theme – edit HTML – paste the code below <head>.
  3. Now click save changes.

After Approval

  1. Login to infolink.
  2. Now it will take you to the dashboard.
  3. In the menu bar click on customize.
  4. Now select which ads you want to apply to your website.
  5. Click and apply this setting in my site.
  6. Now you successfully place your ads.

Infolinks join now


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