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Increase Computer Speed 10 times Faster

Increase Computer Speed

Increase computer speed is the best way to make your PC to support all high-performance software and games. It makes you feel free to use any software. For this setup, you don’t need to download any software just change your PC setting is more than enough to increase your speed. If you use low-performance PC then you can’t able to use freely so that you need to increase your ram for better performance. If you buy a 2 GB ram then it costs nearly 2000. Most of the people don’t want to spend that much money for improve their computer performance.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to speed up your PC 10 times faster. Just turn your hard disk space as a ram for your PC is the best ways to make money. By changing this setting the caches stored in the ram will be stored in your hard disk space you allocated. Then your ram will get more free space so that your computer can run smoothly.

set up for increase computer speed

  1. Just turn on your computer
  2. In desktop, right click on my computer 
  3. Select properties
  4. Now your computer detail is open on this page
  5. Just click on the advance system setting
  6. In menu select advanced
  7. Under the performance option click setting
  8. Now small windows popup
  9. Click advanced
  10. Under virtual memory click change
  11. Now untick automatically manage paging file size for all drivers
  12. Now select c drive and click custom size
  13. Select the minimum and maximum size in that field like 2000 – 3000
  14. Now select all other driver and set the amount of space you want to allocate
  15. Once you successfully setup click apply changes
  16. Now restart your computer (must restart)

Set up minimum and maximum size are based on mega bite so put 1024 for 1 GB. Once you successfully restart your computer then your computer can run smoothly with any software.

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