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Improve Eye Sight Naturally – Goodbye To Your Glasses

Improve Eye Sight Naturally – Say Goodbye To Your Glasses

Improve Eye Sight Naturally by drinking this secret juice daily. Vladimir Petrovich Filatov is a Russian doctor who dedicated his life to finding a way to improve eyesight naturally. In 60’s he combined conventional and alternative medicine in order to treat people with poor vision help them improve it and prevent potential eye loss. Therefore he created a recipe which proved very effective and people have widely used it since then, check it out


  1. 100gr, aloe juice
  2. Lemon juice (3-4 pcs)
  3. 500 gr, crushed walnuts
  4. 300 gr, pure honey


  1. First of all you need to prepare the juice
  2. To do so, remove the lower, middle and upper leaves
  3. Leaving the plant and the remaining 3 – 4 leaves
  4. Then, wash the leaves throughtly
  5. With water which has been boiled and then cooled
  6. Remove the spikes, chop the leaves
  7. And then strain the juice with double gauze
  8. According to dr, filatov you shoudn’t chop the leaves at once
  9. But keep them refrigeratied over the period of 10 – 12 days
  10. Dr filatov concluded
  11. Thet this method allows you to triggers biogen stimulations
  12. Which awaken the aloe cells, after this period
  13. You should wash the leaves and continue with the procedures


  1. Consume the solution half an hour before a meal
  2. Three times a day
  3. Don’t stop consuming it until you notice
  4. Any improvement in your vision

Benefits of aloe juice:

This amazing juice doesn’t only improve eyesight but it helps people who suffer from the following issues as well kidney disease, gas trointestinal tract problems, female reproductive organ inflammation, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis and cardiovascular issues.

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