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Google Publisher Toolbar – click your own adsense ads without getting blocked

Google Publisher Toolbar

Google adsense account can be banned for most of the users but they won’t give a specific reason for banned. Most of the adsense users got banned because of they clicked their own ads by mistake. Even when you know that the click is by an accident but google won’t know that. They simply banned your account by marking as a spam click. Once your account is banned then there is no ways to get that adsense account. This is a headache for most of the adsense users so that they develop a tools called google publisher toolbar. This toolbar is helpful for users who are all use adsense.

Google Publisher Toolbar is the best ways to defend your adsense account without getting blocked because of the spam clicks made by mistake. It will not let you click your ads because it will close your ads completely with shield. Even when you click your ads you only click that shield only so  it will not mark as a spam.

How To Install Google Publisher Toolbar

  1. Go to chrome browser.
  2. Click on menu – setting – extensions or click here.
  3. In the bottom of the page click get more extensions.
  4. Now type in search bar and type Google Publisher Toolbar.
  5. Click install google publisher toolbar.
  6. Now it will add into your chrome browser in top right corner.
  7. Click that icon and enable it.
  8. It will ask you to sign in to your adsense mail account.
  9. Now open your website or blog.
  10. Click on the publisher icon now turn on the ads protection.
  11. Now you website ads will be protected with green shield.

Clicking your own adsense ads without google publisher toolbar will be marked as a spam. And your account will be banned soon. most of the blogger or website owners main source of income is google adsense. If you maintain your ads properly then you won’t get kicked out from the adsense. One of the best thing about this tool is you can see your adsense earning and google analytics by one click.

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