earn money on mobile youtube – complete guide

earn money on mobile youtube – complete guide
earn money on mobile youtube – complete guide

mobile youtube

There are simple steps to make money on mobile youtube. You can use your mobile to earn money on youtube by using chrome browser or uc browser in your smart phone. Access your youtube in mobile is same as the desktop only difference is size of the screen.

Set up your channel

A youtube account is the same as the google account. create your new account or use your existing account for sign up. you can change your youtube account name by editing your google+ account. monetized youtube channel can generate 1 to 2 dollar per 1000 views for new channel after you reach certain point youtube can pay you 5 to 8 dollar per 1000 views. youtube channel in other language might generate less money than an english channel. uploading videos in regular basis can bring a more subscribers.

Uploading videos

Upload a good content. Don’t upload adult content otherwise your account will be band. upload a video that is high quality. don’t upload a video that is super long. people only watch good videos and also short video with more information. upload a videos regularly otherwise your subscribers will leave your channel. most important is communicate with your followers daily will increase relationship between admin and a visitors. improve your video quality by using better camera or using best editing software. Even your video is not good enough to bring more visitors don’t stop uploading because practice makes perfect. once you upload your video don’t forget to tag with key words that describe your contents.

Monetize your videos

In order to make money on youtube you need to apply your videos for adsense to place a ads on it. once you upload your videos, you can apply for adsense by clicking monetization tab. you need a google adsense account for taking money from youtube and you have to provide bank account in it. every month 15 you will got payment in your bank account once you reached 100$.


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