adfly earn money online – shorten link part 1

adfly earn money online – shorten link part 1
adfly earn money online – shorten link part 1 is one of the most popular and trusted URL site. Earn money from adfly is one of the easiest methos in which you don’t need any technical skills. It is old company which is pays on time. you can get maximum 5$ per 1000 views. minimum payout is 5$ which is better then other companies. you can get your payment through paypal. Most of the people use adfly because it has best customer care support, old and trusted company. it is simple method from which you can earn money online. It is very easy process just convert any of your URL and share it on any social site like facebook, twitter etc.

Those people who don’t know about how to make money online can use this site for generating some money from home. when anyone clicks on your URL then it will take them to advertisement page, here they have to wait for 5 seconds then it will redirect to original destination link. So it is the way company can pay you. the rate varies from which country you got visitors. they have also referral system by joining other persons from your referral link and you got 20% commission from them.

there are several ways to make money on adfly

  1. Shorten link
  2. Referrals
  3. Pop under ads

adfly shorten link

  1. Just go to adfly.
  2. Click on sign up and fill up your details.
  3. Now adfly send you verification link to your mail.
  4. Once you verify your mail.
  5. Now log in to adfly.
  6. It will take you to the home page of the site.
  7. Here you can find a URL box.
  8. Copy any link you want to shorten.
  9. Just paste it in URL box.
  10. And press shrink.
  11. Now you successfully shorten your link.


  1. Log in to adfly.
  2. It will take you to the home page.
  3. In top of the site there is a option called Referrals.
  4. Click on referral.
  5. Now copy your referral URL and share it in social site.
  6. That’s it, now you got 20% commission from each person join under you referral link.

pop under ads

  1. Log in to adfly
  2. In top menu bar there is a option called tools
  3. Click on tools
  4. It will take you to the new page where there is option called pop ads in left menu
  5. Click pop ads
  6. Now copy that code and paste it in your site on header section
  7. Thats it, each time visitor click anywhere on your site
  8. One pop up window open and it redirect to advertisement page
  9. And you got small money from that

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