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earn money on ppd site (pay per download)

ppd (Pay Per Download)

There are many other ways to make money easily from our website. so today in this post we are going to sharing another method to earn money online from ppd sites. PPD means “Pay Per Download”, there are the sites which pay us for per download. you have to upload your files in ppd website and you will get paid when your file is downloaded by visitors who visit your site. there are many pay per download website are available on internet but most of then are fraud and they can’t pay any money. But also some genuine ppd site available on internet which will pay on every download.

PPD site without survays


     userscloud is the best online storage for users who want to store huge files because it provide a more storage then the other sites and also file size under 1GB won’t deleted by expiration. only files with more than 1GB will be deleted after 30 days. For making money its not good but its good for storing you files. the files under 1gb can not deleted from your account until user delete by themselves. the file greater than 1gb can only stored in 30day without views but viewers visit that file then it wont delete. it provide unlimited storage for file size under 1gb. For every 1000 download you will get 0.6 to 1$. payment can be done through paypal.

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     daiyuploads is the best online storage of 244gb free space. the files without download for 90 days will be removed automatically in order to make your files live users have to download that files with in 90 days. For every 1000 doller you got 1$ to 15$. its based on where your traffic is from. payment can be done through paypal.

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      uploadocean is the best online storage of 10gb free space. it not much to store big files but it can be more useful for uploading pdf,document etc like small files. For every 1000 download you got 1$ to 15$. its based on where your traffic is from. The files can be removed only its not downloaded for 30 days. payment can be done through paypal.

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PPD site with survey


fileice comes in best PPD sites. It is a website that allows its users to upload files and let them share online, every time when a visitors try to download those files they have to complete a survey to download files. it pays $1 for every completed survey making. it is the best of the best PPD site available online these days. if you have any website where you can upload anything and your visitors download that contents, then it will be the  best ppd network for you to earn money online.

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