earn money on youtube complete steps

earn money on youtube
earn money on youtube

Earn money on youtube

You’ve probably heard about people earning money on youtube. you can start making money quickly, if you have a strong subscriber base. follow this simple steps to make money on youtube quickly

set up your youtube channel

youtube account is the same as a google account. create your account or use your existing one. If you are using and existed account, you can always change your username by editing it on your google+ account. monetize youtube channel might generate between 1 to 2 dollars per 1000 views for beginning channel. once you achieve successful channel level youtube can pay you 5 to 8 dollar per 1000 views. youtube channel in other language might generate less money then an English spoken channel. uploading good content videos can lead to more subscriber and also more earning.

uploading videos

Upload a video that is high quality. Upload videos regularly and stay consistent with your uploads. Don’t upload video that is super long. improve your video by either using a better camera or trying better editing. Even if your content isn’t great, keep on uploading it. practice makes perfect. By uploading regularly you can hold you audience. Try to make each video better than last. People subscribe if you upload videos on regular schedule. Once you upload your video don’t forget to tag your videos with key words that describe your content. this will help your video from youtube search.

monetize your videos

In order to start earning money on youtube, you have to monetize your videos. it will allow youtube to place ads in your videos. Once you upload your video you can monetize that video by clicking the monetization tab. open your video manager and see the sign “$” next to the video is in green color. That means your video is monetized with ads. you need google adsense account for taking money from youtube. you need a bank account and valid mailing address. Adsense can verify who you are and who to send the money by sending pin number to your mailing address. Once you verified, you good to go.

Gain more audience

There is no secret to getting more subscribers, just make good quality videos and share that video in social sites. building an audience is key to increase you earning. You need subscribers to watch your videos and make money from it.


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