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Daily 2 banana per month, this is what happens to your body

Daily 2 banana per month

Banana is full of nutrients, vitamins, fiber and all natural sugars like sucrose and fructose. Nutrition says that eating two bananas per day in just one month, your health would you be significantly improved.

Benefits of banana

Bananas are one of nature’s great snack foods, but did you know that they’re also packed with health benefits? Most of us know they’re a great source of potassium but I’m going to share some of the more surprising banana health benefits – my favorite is hangover cure! Read on for 6 banana health benefits that will give you more energy, improved digestion and even improve the way you look and feel.


bananas are a natural anti-acid and the perfect solution for those suffering from heartburn. Eating just one banana can immediately bring soothing relief and lessen your heartburn symptoms. Potassium-rich foods such as bananas actually offset the effect of sodium (salt) in raising your blood pressure. This, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Blood pressure

Bananas contain very little sodium, but a lot of potassium, which is great for the regulation of blood pressure and heart health.


Eating a banana or two before a workout gives you enough energy to last an hour or more. Bananas are full of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates, making them a great source of quick energy.


Bananas have a smooth and soft mixture which coats the stomach lining and protect you from irritation.


Bananas are high in iron, so they can help those with anemia by stimulating the production of hemoglobin. Increase the red blood cell count also contributes to increased circulation of blood to all part of the body.


Bananas have a unique component called tryptophan that helps in overcoming depression. This component, when enters our body, gets transformed into serotonin. It makes you feel happier, more relaxed.

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