create blog and earn money online

create blog and earn money online
create blog and earn money online

Here is how to make money from create blog:

  1. set up your blog
  2. start creating useful content
  3. choose perfect theme
  4. share your blog in social site
  5. engagement with the readers
  6. monetize your blog

create blog

set up your blog

In order to make money blogging, you need a blog. Creating a blog is totally free and easy to set up. you need to update information in regular basis. In order to make money on blog you must choose what your blog is. choose specific topic and filled with that topic in your blog. users who visits your site will expecting good information so you need to update your blog regularly. it’s the only best way to attract your visitors and you can make money from it. I will guide you step by step procedure in given below.

  1. Go to and click on sign in.
  2. it will take you to google account page.
  3. Sign in to your google account.
  4. If you don’t have one, create it by clicking here .
  5. Now blogger ask you to setup your site and title name.
  6. After successfully entered your site name it will ask you to set up your theme.
  7. Click any theme you like.
  8. Now you successfully created your blog.

start creating useful content

creating a useful content is must for getting more traffic in your site. Before posting your first post make sure that you choose what is your blog all about. Filled with that specific topic then only users visits daily in your site. If your post is different from your blog then people who visit your blog regularly will get disappointed. it will reduce regular visitors. step by step procedure to creating a new post is given below

  1. Just go to your blogger account.
  2. In left side menu bar there is a option called posts.
  3. Now click on add new post.
  4. Fill up your title and post and click on publish.
  5. Now your post is published successfully and you can see your post by visiting your blog.

choose perfect theme

choosing a perfect theme is the best way to hold your audience and keep visiting your sites regularly. best ways to use a perfect theme is download your custom theme and upload it in your blog. i will guide you, how to set up custom theme for your blog

  1. Just go to your blogger account.
  2. In left side menu bar there is a option called template.
  3. Now click on template.
  4. Scroll down, you can see several free template you can use it for free or upload custom template.
  5. By clicking backup/restore option in top right corner.
  6. It will ask you to upload your custom template.
  7. Now download your custom template by click here or search on google.
  8. Upload your template in your blog.
  9. Now check your blog.
  10. Your template is successfully changed.

share your blog in social sites

One of the best ways to bring more traffic in your site is to share your blog link in social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Putting a social share icon in bottom of the each post will also increase more traffic to site because people who read your post can easily share it to others by clicking social share bottom on the post.

engagement with readers

People who visit your blog will definitely ask you a doubts about your post by leaving a comment. if you want a daily visitors then you need to solve whatever problem readers ask you about. Most important is replay comment as soon as possible. always keep in touch with your visitors.

monetize your blog

By monetizing your blog you can place an ads in it. people who visit your blog will definitely click your ads if they like it and it will automatically generate some money from your sites. If you want to monetize your site you need to apply for adsense and get approval for your blog. then only google place ads in your site and you can start making money.

  1. Go to your blogger account.
  2. In left menu bar there is a option called earning.
  3. Click on earning.
  4. It will shows your account is not apply for adsense.
  5. Click on sign up for adsense.
  6. Enter your details and apply for adsense.
  7. Within 48 hours google send you mail that your account is activated.
  8. Now you can place ads in your blog.



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