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convert BLOG into WEBSITE for 1 year FREE

blog into website

In this tutorial you can change your blog into website for 1 year freely without any cost. For converting blog into website you need a domain so that freenom provide a free domain for all users. domain name like tk,gb etc which is not more popular like .com .net domain name but it is recently getting famous in india. now i will guide you to how to setup your blog into website for freely for one year. For new website you have two things that is domain and hosing.

We get domain from freenom website and for hosting we use blogger space so that we don’t need to pay any money for hosting. first one year it is totally free after that you have to pay for domain only. we can still use blogger space for hosting.

  1. just go to or click here
  2. type your domain name and press check availability
  3. it will take you to choose domain like .com .net .tk .gb etc
  4. .tk is always available freely so choose .tk
  5. if you go for .com then you have to pay for that
  6. here im teaching you free domain so choose .tk
  7. and it will add to you cart
  8. in right corner click get cart
  9. then it will take you to the page where you can select validity of domain
  10. select 12 month
  11. then it ask for your details
  12. provide your full detail and finish registration
  13. then go to manage domain
  14. press manage freenom dns
  15. then it will take you to new page with box
  16. now open your blog and open your account which you want to change
  17. go to blog dashboard – setting – blog address
  18. add custom domain
  19. and press ok
  20. it will show you four code
  21. and paste that four code in freenom site and change A to CNAME
  22. the proxy number can be found in your blog where you got that four code
  23. below that code there is a option called search description option
  24. in that open top level domain then you can find proxy numbers
  25. and paste it in right side of freenom dns setting in A mode
  26. thank you
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Hello this is raja. i love blogging and also make a cool website. newtamilanda is created for creating online awareness in india. posts will be updated when i have a free time.

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