CHAKRA SYSTEM – Control Your Own Destiny

CHAKRA SYSTEM – Control Your Own Destiny

the chakra system is the main reason for our survival in this world. “Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning “wheel.” the circular shape to the spinning energy centers which exist in our subtle etheric body, the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body. The seven main chakras located along the spine. Each chakra has a number of specific qualities that correspond to the refinement of energy from the base level material self-identity, located at the first chakras, up to the higher vibration spirit-level awareness of being at our crown.

These energetic centers represent our highest level of integration split, prism-like, into a spectrum of colors. Our opportunity in studying them is to learn how to master each chakra’s essence and unite them all into a unified field of brilliance.  As such, we re-unite our disparate parts into a radiant light of full self-awareness.

The Chakra System

The chakras are formed at the junction of three connected energy shafts that ascend the spine, one on each side of the central channel, the Shushumna. The two lesser channels of energy — the Pingala on the right and Ida on the left — run parallel to the spinal cord. Chakras both take up and collect prana (life force energy) and transform and pass on energy. Our material bodies could not exist without them for they serve as gateways for the flow of energy and life into our physical bodies.

Each chakra is a certain part of the body. It provides the energy to function. Additionally, just as every organ in the human body has its equivalent on the mental and spiritual level. Every chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of human behavior and development. Our circular spirals of energy differ in size and activity from person to person. They vibrate at different levels relative to the awareness of the individual and their ability to integrate the characteristics of each into their life.  The lower chakras are with fundamental emotions and needs. The finer energies of the upper chakras correspond to our higher mental and spiritual aspirations and faculties.

The Power Of Chakra System

The openness and flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and balance. Knowledge of our more subtle energy system empowers us to maintain balance and harmony on the physical and spiritual level. All meditation and yoga systems seek to balance out the energy of the chakras. Through the use of grounding, creating “internal space,” and living consciously with an awareness of how we acquire and spend our energy we become capable of balancing our life force with our mental, physical and spiritual selves.

In order for us to become fully self-realized and in harmony with our physical and spiritual nature. Lower energies need to be harmonized with the lighter energies of the upper centers. Each of the upper-level energies corresponds to lower level 7th with 1st, 6th with 2nd,. In the center of our being is full integration into the heart. Each center has an integral function in creating our energetic balance. It is through the study of our energetic and physical being that can create health, emotional stability, and spiritual bliss. Each center has an integral function in creating our energetic balance.

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