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blogger vs WordPress comparison – pros and cons

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress which one is best for make money online and create a brand name for your company. Most of the new users confuse about why they should use WordPress instead of free blogging services. In this article, we will compare Blogger vs WordPress to help you decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Blogger Vs WordPress Ownership

Blogger is a blogging service that provided by the Google. it is free and it is enough to publish your stuff on the web. You are not an owner of the blog Google runs this service and has the rights to shut it down at any time.

With WordPress, You use a WordPress hosting provider to host your own site. you need to pay a certain amount for running this service smoothly. You are free to decide how long you want to run it. we can shut it down anytime you want. You own all your data and you can control what information you share.

Controls And Appearances

Blogger allows you to perform an only specific task on your website with very limited tools. You can do only limited things and there is no way you can extend it to meet a need. Blogger by default only provide a limited set of templet to use and you can’t create your own layouts or make modefication. You can only modify colors and layouts of these temples using the build in tools they provided. There are so many templates available on the internet but most of them are very low quality.

WordPress is an open source software so you can modify and add new features you want. There are thousands of plugins allows you to modify and extend the default features. When comes to business website WordPress is the best for long term solution for any serious business owner. There are thousands of free and premium themes available which allow you to create a professional looking website. There is a WordPress theme for just about every kind of theme. No matter what your site is about you will definitely find a right theme for your niche.

Portability And Security

Moving your site from blogger to a different platform is a complicated task. There is a risk of losing your SEO rankings. you can lose your subscribers and followers during the move. Even though blogger allows you to export your content, your data will stay on Google server for a long time. In blogger, you have the added advantage of google’s robust secure platform. You don’t need to worry about managing your server resources and securing your blog.

Using WordPress you can move your site anywhere you want. you can move your WordPress site to any new host or change the domain name. When compare WordPress vs Blogger SEO the WordPress has more advantage. WordPress is quite secure. It is a self-hosted service so you are the responsible for security and backups. There are plenty of plugins that makes it easier for you.

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