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Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google announced its mobile-first index update in 2018, with this the traditional desktop index has been replaced by mobile-first index.
This pushes webmasters to implement a responsive design that suits all users on any kind of design. Google certainly would not leave us in the dark; they created an open source initiative that strips down HTML files to create lightning fast and mobile-friendly versions of web pages. This revolutionary project of Google is referred to as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), these pages could be identified by a lightning bolt symbol in the mobile search results. Now that the ranking of websites is solely based on your mobile version of websites it is imperative that you should search for ways to make your mobile version of your website mobile-friendly and responsive.

Obvious reasons to adopt AMP:

Considering the below-listed factors the choice to adopt AMP for your site should be very obvious:

• A webpage’s loading time is a definitive factor to rank a website.
• According to KISSmetrics data, a 1-second delay in web page loading time could make you lose conversions by 7 percent.
• Rumors have been going that AMP is a ranking factor after the Mobile First Index update rolled in as AMP is a Google project.

Benefits of AMP plugin:

In general, AMP will take user’s mobile experience to the next level with its blazing speed.
Optimizing with AMP plugin has a lot of benefits;

• Lightning fast web pages:

You could say that the web page’s loading time is the first and major factor that influences users to stay on your website or to bounce. Unique and valuable content is very important; it is not possible for a user to read them if they leave your website just because it took a long time to load.
Studies show that a mere 1-second delay could reduce page views by 9 percentage and increase bounce rate by 8 percentage.
These are the reasons why you should think about making your websites to load at lightning speed. AMP is made by Google to do just that.
I for one understand the fact that the amount of quality content in the web has increased dramatically and competition is growing at a substantial rate, if your page loads slower than others think about the impact it will have on your website ranking.

• Increased visibility for content marketers:

Google displays AMP results in organic listings as well. AMP web pages are uniquely distinguished with a green lightning bolt symbol.
This unique symbol gives it an edge by grabbing attention which will lead to more clicks.The reason AMP sites will have a higher click-through-rate is that it stands out from the rest of the web pages with its unique symbol.
Mobile users will click on these web pages that caught their attention and will be pleased with their insanely fast page loading time, this will lead to much more page visits. This will also lead to an increase in average returning visitors count.
The objective of a content marketer is to deliver the right experience/information to the right people at the right time in a way that’s suitable for them. AMP technology compliments this objective and so it is a great opportunity for marketers to make use of it to deliver content.

• Improved mobile search engine rankings:

The site speed directly affects the conversion rate of your website. Keep your users happy by providing them with a fast loading website they will be more likely to subscribe to your website or to purchase a digital/physical product. Even though we know that Page loading speed and mobile-friendly design are a direct factor when it comes to ranking a website, AMP is still not an official factor to rank your pages.
AMP only works with mobile pages and it does nothing to optimize a desktop version of a page. Not being able to optimize a desktop version of a mobile site would not be a bother as it is no longer a base to rank your site, the mobile version alone is what’s important to rank. With that being said AMP is your great chance to boost your site to rank higher than non-AMP pages. There is no denying that AMP boosted websites will have an edge over others on the basis of pure speed.

• Flexible ad support:

If you think about why people start a website or a blog the ultimate reason would be to earn money out of it which would eventually replace heir 9 to 5 job. In desktop as well as the mobile version of website there are too many ditractions that keeps your visitor away from the actual content.
Even header image, navigational menu & social share buttons could be possible distractions; these kinnd of dstraction could potentially lower your website conversion rate.

AMP gives you a soluton to this problem and removes all these distractions on your mobile pages.
To give you an idea; An AMP-HTML page is 6 times lighter when compared t a regulr HTML page & also contans 5 times less trackers. This ensures that the rate of conversion is higher from your ads.
If you are planning to monetize your AMP optimized pages you could find these popular ad networks usefull as they are currently usng the AMP-ads functionality:
• Google AdSense
• Flite
• AL AdTech
• Taboola
• Amazon A9
• AdReactor
• Yieldmo
• Smart AdServer
• Google Doubleclick
• Adform
• Plista
• DotAndAds

• Simple user tracking:

It is important to send traffic to your page however it is even more important to understand and know where your traffic came from.
Tracking in simple can help you find the source of the traffic and pages vistors vewed.
Tracking site performance and users have been made easy on AMP project as there are analytical tools with which youu can analyze your AMP webstes thoroughly.
In order to influence the site visitors you need to understand them; for that you need to track essential datas such as conversions/cicks, video views, visitor count, new and returning visitors & much more.
More and more people are converting to AMP every single day. Don’t let your competitors beat you to it. Optimizing your mobile pages with AMP is a clever decision which would result in your business on a major scale.
If you are a beginner be sure to have two versions of your page so that it is easy for you to be adapted to AMP; The original version would be the mobile-frienly version and the other would be AMP optimized page of the same.


AMP is a powerful tool which has not been utilised by all of the webmasters, this gives you an opening in the race to get to the top.
Think of AMP as an upgrade to the mobile-friendly website you alreay have.
AMP is the future; be sure that you have implemented it to your website;
A simpe question for you; why not speed up your website so that your visitors coud have an amazing time navigating & reading through your website?

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