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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project also known as AMP is a google’s website publishing technology, this was ddesigned as a competitor to facebook’s popular instant articles. AMP provides a revolutionary way to create web pages that are smooth and can load at lightning speed.
AMP is supported by various platformms and it is also compatible across nearly all browsers. AMP technology has been implemented by millions of domains across the web which covers advertising, publishing, e-commerce, small businesses & much more.
AMP is literally created for the sole purpose of delivering content at blazing speeds so that you don’t have to wait for the website to load.


The AMP project was first announced by Google on October 7th of 2015 and soon the AMP pages started appearing in web from February 2016. Big players lie Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin & WordPress were announced as collaborators in the initial stages of the AMP project.
Google said that AMP might become a factor to rank websites in december 2015. Soon after that webmasters, markerters & SEOs focused on analyzing how AMP could affect their mobile web pages. What they found wa AMP is actually a major factor that will impact on mobile search engine rankings as it directly involves page loading time. According to KISSmetrics data about 40% of all the website visitors will leave a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s how important a website’s page loading time is. Especially in e-commerce websites page loading time could make or lose millions depending upon each site. Every person visiting the site is a potential customer and every one leaving the site without waiting for the site to load is a potential sale lost.
It should be very clear to us that AMP is a major factor to rank your website as you should take the Mobile-first indexing update of Google into count. Websites are now ranked based on the quality of its mobile version and not of it’s desktop version; if you mobile version loads up blazing fast you have all the chances to rank your website to the top.

Google’s focus on users:

The AMP technologyy is a direct proof that Google focus on it’s users in a major way. Ofcourse you can think that this update was solely made to generate more money and it has nothing related to pleasing users.
In a way it is true Google does make a lot of money with the new updates; but they do care about it’s users while releasing these updates. The more happy users are the more they will use Google and the more advertisers will dump their money to them, it’s all a cycle. In simple terms Google keeps us happy with new updates to generate more money, it’s a win win for both sides.

How does the AMP plugin work?

The AMP plugin optimizes your mobile page by removing the HTML code tag manager and uses only the ones that are suitable for mobile users to render your mobile pages much quickly. In simple terms the HTMLcoe tag manager aspects that would slow the page loading will be removed so that the pages can load faster.

7 things to know about AMP:

1. You have to use a streamlined version of CSS if you want AMP to work smoothly on your website.
2. A major downside to AMP is that you are not allowed to use JavaScript other than the ones that AMP provides from its library.
3. If you expect your AMP sites to work every time like a charm them they must b e validated.
4. AMP plugin pages does not allow any kind of forms that allows you to capture emails or any kind of pop up messages.
5. Custom fonts are to be used in AMP sites to ensure a better experience.
6. To avoid goofy looking images you must ensure that you have set the height and width for your images that appear in you AMP sites.
7. If you do want videos to appear on you page make sure you use AMP approved extensions so that it can integrate well.


If you think abour ranking your website in Google the most important thing about a page is the number of views & the speed with which it loads. These two factors majorly affect your webpage in the journey to reach the top rankings.
The perks of having a faster loading web page is that if one page loads up faster than users will also try out other pages on the site, this reduces bouncing rate and allows the users to spend mre time on your website.
AMP technology is a powerful innovation that Google has to offer to all the webmasters. AMP is going to influence the whole web very soon because of its jet speed loading & it’s still improving it. Google has given the tools to help rank your page so why waste time? Start accelerating your mobile pages.

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