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5 Easy ways to free up Android space 2017

5 Easy ways to free up Android space 2017

Hello friends, today we are going to learn about the android trick, in which – “One Can Free Up android Space In Their Smartphone”. As we know that Android is one of the smartest operating system, which is used by almost every user. Everyone who uses an Android smartphone wants to play games, wants to watch movies.etc,

But, unfortunately…Users cannot enjoy such things due to insufficient space in their smartphone. There are many also many reasons behind this. So, in order to free up insufficient space, we are posting the 5 Easy Ways to free up space from Android smartphone.

Uninstall Unused Applications

If you have some apps that you no longer use on your Android phone, uninstalling them will free up some space and increase your phone performance. To do so, go to Settings->Applications manager and uninstall the apps you don’t want.

Clear App Cache :

You can also clear app’s cache on your phone. Clearing the cache removes an application’s temporary files and thus can free up some space. In order to do that, go to Settings>Applications manager, find apps that take up the most space, and then tap on ‘Clear cache’. it will free some Android space.

Upload your Photos to Online Storage :

Photos often take up a lot of space on a smartphone. Rather than storing them all on your phone, you could use a cloud storage service like Google+ Photos that automatically backup all your photos in the cloud. To enable cloud sync, go to Menu>Photos>Auto-Backup. All uploaded photos can be safely viewed on your desktop and other Android devices connected to your Google account.

Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders :

Most of the people leave the downloaded files on their gadgets after use. These files consume a lot of space and your device becomes unavailable for your next downloads. Deleting unnecessary data regularly keeps your device space free.

Move Apps and Media Files to SD Card :

Moving apps and media files to your SD card’s storage would not only free up your phone’s internal storage but it also would increase your phone’s performance. Please keep in mind that not all the apps can be moved to the external storage. Some apps require to be stored on the phone internal storage and they can’t be moved from there.

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