Types Of YouTube Tags – increase YouTube SEO

types of youtube tags

Types Of YouTube Tags – increase YouTube SEO

There are 5 types of tags in youtube they are a single tag, multi-tag, complex tag, error tag, and spam tags. Youtube tags are the best ways to increase the youtube ranking in search engine. Most of the new YouTubers don’t know how to add tags properly to their youtube videos.

Types Of Youtube Tags

Single Tags

Single tags is nothing but a keyword with a single word. Everyone search on a web with more then a single word but this tags purpose is to highlight the single keyword they search in web. single word tag is a single tag.

Multi Tags

Multi tags is nothing but a tags that contain two word. If anyone search your keyword in internet then your video will show in the first list of the search engine. multi tag will increase your video search visibility. Don’t put a tag that is not related to your videos then it will be marked as a spam tags.

Complex Tags

complex tags is nothing but a tags that contain more than a single words. Putting more complex tags will increase your search engine visibility. If one tag is maches what people searching on web, then your videos will be show in the top of the page.

Error Tags

Error tags is a tag that can be added when you use a dificut word tags. If people type a word misspelled then you set that word as a tag then your videos will show in the top of the seach list.

Spam Tags

spam tags is the main reason for youtube account band. If a tag is added in a youtube videos then that tag is not a relavent to your video then it will be considered as a spam tags. spam tag in your videos will increase your video search result but it will also reason for termination of your account.

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