Put GARLIC in your ears – results are amazing

garlic in ear- amazing result

Put GARLIC in your ears – results are amazing

Put garlic in your ear. The results are amazing. It is very important to know about.

  • Garlic removes the pain in the ear and helps with headaches
  • An earache is a very unpleasant feeling but garlic can relieve pain very quickly

How to use?

  1. You should put clean cloves of garlic in your ear
  2. It fits perfectly in your ears as an ear plug
  3. The pain and inflammation will be gone within a few minutes
  4. And you felt heat spreading through the ear

This method also helps in headaches before going to bed repeat the procedure. Leave the garlic to stay in the ears during the night in the morning you will feel like a new person.

  1. Garlic lowers the body temperature
  2. It is ideal for children. If your child has a fever
  3. You should chop the garlic into slices
  4. And soak then in apple cider vinegar
  5. Then put it on the legs and the ears of your child
  6. The fever will disappear very quickly


  1. Peel and cut the garlic
  2. Put it in a deep bowl
  3. And pour the honey
  4. Cover the bowl with foil
  5. Or a plate and leave at a room temperature during the night
  6. The next morning
  7. You have a strain the mixture through thick gauze or strainer
  8. This is enough for a single day
  9. Take one tablespoon of syrup in every two hours
  10. Or you can do it more often

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