How To Increase Internet Speed by 20 to 30%

How To Increase Internet Speed by 20 to 30%

How To Increase Internet Speed by 20 to 30%

How To Increase Internet Speed by 20-30:-Hello friends today I am going to share a very helpful method to increase your internet speed by 20-30% than the actual speed. Today many of us face the problem of the slow internet on our pc. To resolve this problem this method works perfectly. Actually in windows operating system, Microsoft reserves 20% of the bandwidth of your network. And if you free that reserve bandwidth your Internet Speed will get Boost. You can follow this trick with some steps that I have given below. Read them all carefully and enjoy.

steps to get your reserve Internet speed back

1. Click Start->Run->gpedit.MSc (in windows 7) and:: click start and type gpedit.MSc (in windows 8).
2. This opens the registry policy editor.
3. Then go to ->Local Computer Policy ->Computer Configuration ->Administrator Template ->Network -> QoS Packet Scheduler -> Limit Reservable Bandwidth
4. Double click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth It will say it is not configured, but the truth is under the Explain tab i.e. By default packet scheduler limits the by 20 % of the bandwidth of the connection but use the setting to override the default.
So the trick How To Increase Internet Speed by 20-30% is to Enable the reserved bandwidth, then set it to ZERO. this will enable the system to reserve nothing rather than the reserved 20%, It will works on Win XP as well. And with this use will boost up internet speed and browser faster on a computer network.

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